“The Sketch May Have Taken Me Five Minutes, But the Learning Took Me 30 Years”
~ Pablo Picasso
The Socioeconomic Construct for the Future of Humanity

Twenty-eight years ago, our father co-created the global platform of "Making A Profit While Making A Difference" for which he was awarded a Trademark. Today, more commonly known as "Profit and Purpose" or "Inclusive Capitalism", it is clear to see from examples such as Larry Fink's Letter to CEO's, and the Business Roundtables commitment to value all stakeholders equally, that global business leaders are calling for change. Furthermore, communities and cities must find socioeconomic models that are way more inclusive as that is the only way to truly build resiliency. If the pandemic has shown us anything, it is that change is required, and very quickly at that. 

Whether our father was 28 years too early or current corporate and civic leadership was 28 years too late is now moot as it appears from Davos2020 and looking at how companies will operate after COVID19, that we have all arrived in the same place. However, at In Place Impact we have decades of experience that others simply do not have.

"As the world starts to talk about developing new community based economic systems using inclusive capitalism, In Place Impact has already done it. Furthermore, they have tested their model of Impact Economics for almost a decade, proven that it works, and are giving 6,000 people the opportunity to deploy it in their own communities"​

~ Lawrence Bloom

Secretary-General, Be Earth, 

A United Nations IGO

After using the Leadership and Management strategy of Profit and Purpose to create almost $1Billion in realized shareholder value from the companies he started and sold, and or worked with, our father has spent the past 14 years designing, testing, and proving a new form of inclusive capitalism and economics. The result is Impact Economics, and it empowers everyone to participate in and personally benefit from the creation of a sustainable future.

In Place Impact is the only organization in the world that uses Impact Economics so that in the normal course of helping ALL community stakeholders achieve and exceed their goals, it naturally helps communities become economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable for ALL residents. It is all done through business and economics, no one is asked to give up or donate their gains, and it has a heavy focus on helping communities attain the United Nations SDGs. 

As the socioeconomic and construct for the future of humanity, Impact Economics is community-centric, implemented "In Place", and provides local:

  • Education Institutions with Everything They Need to Embed, Fund and Teach Impact Focused Studies Including:

- Impact Entrepreneurship

- Impact Investing

- Leadership & Management through the lens of Profit for Purpose

- Cause Marketing

- The SDGS

- Integrated Reporting

  • Students With the Ability to:

- Create Impact Focused Innovations Purposed to Help Solve Socioeconomic/Environmental Problems in their Communities

- Help their Communities Attain the SDGs

- Benefit from Consequential Learning

- Become Future Businesses Owners and or Executives who Embrace Leadership and Management through the lens of Profit for Purpose

  • ALL Community Residents with 100% Free Resources, Courses, and Frameworks to:

- Participate in and Personally Benefit from Contributing to the Creation of a Sustainable Community

- Create Impact Focused Innovations Purposed to Help Solve Socioeconomic/Environmental Problems in their Communities, and also Help them Attain the SDGs

- Have their Voices not only Listened to, but Heard

- Not Only a Seat at the Table, but the Ability to Become the Table

- Become Included in, and Contribute to the Attainment of the SDGs

  • Impact Entrepreneurs via Free Impact Incubators With the Ability to:

- Create, Launch, and Scale Impact​ Focused Innovations 

- Directly Access Local Impact Investors

- Create a Vibrant and Inclusive Impact Hub in their Community

- Help their Community Attain the SDGs

  • Current & Potential Impact Investors With the Ability to:

- Learn or Stay Abreast of Global Best Practices in Impact Investing​

- Become Part of a Vibrant Impact Hub in their Community

- Meet Local Impact Entrepreneurs Innovating Solutions for Problems the Care About

- Invest in the Attainment of the SDGs

  • Companies With the Ability to Increase:

- Revenue, Margin, Profit, Brand Equity, Brand Value, and Customer and Employee Retention Rates

- Embrace Leadership and Management Through the Lens of Profit for Purpose

- Positive Impact on ALL of their Stakeholders

- Help their Communities Attain the SDGs

  • Not - for - Profits to Increase:

- Donations

- Human Asset Support

- Awareness

- Impact

  • Governments to:

- Create a Communities that are Economically, Socially, and Environmentally Sustainable for ALL Residents

- Drive Inclusion and Equity

- Decentralize a lot of Decision Making

- Become More Efficient and Effective as an Organization and Community

  • Marginalized Community Segments to:

- Not Only Have a Voice or Seat at the Table, But to Become an Integral and Important Part of the Table

- Access the Knowledge, Information, contacts, Tools, and Capital Required to Bring their Own Impact Focused Solutions to Market

- Increase Economic Vibrancy in a Manner which Helps Eradicate Poverty and its Multitude of Effects

Plus a great deal more.

The above has been designed in a manner that is self-funding, and where the intersection of one to one, one to many, and everything in between is created to exponentially increase positive impact for every segment of the community and thus the community as a whole. 

Once it reaches a global scale, Impact Economics has been designed to be the catalyst for following annual impact:

  • Generating over $2 Billion each year to help fund and expand Impact Studies (consequential learning) and SDG studies in Colleges and Universities

  • Contributing over $600,000,000 to community-based Impact Investment funds

  • Teaching 2,000,000 people Impact related studies

  • Launching 1,000 community built, Impact focused innovations purposed to help attain one or more of the SDG's

  • Helping 500,000 businesses embrace and benefit from Leadership and Management through the lens of Profit and Purpose 

Headquartered in Charleston, SC, and after two successful 5-year pilots, we are now rolling out our model across the world. In order to create the biggest possible "In Place" impact, we have designed a Certification model that aligns with the thesis of "Make A Profit, While Making a Difference". 

To Quote Our Father

"What is in our heads will make us marginally dangerous to the status quo, however, what is in our hearts will make us a global force to be reckoned with". 

We are a family business that chose to focus on making a difference. As such, if you are interested in becoming a part of this journey, the first filter you must pass is to be aligned with the passion and purpose of our mission. If that is in your DNA, read our entire website, then visit one of the following:




Our father is still our role model and is still very much leading the charge. If you want to read more about him you can visit his LinkedIn profile, or this recent article on him "The Person Who May Have Reinvented Capitalism".


Kind regards, Emily, Alexander, and Olivia Williams. 


“Stuart Williams ‎is one of the most remarkable people it has ever been my privilege to meet. His uniqueness is his ability to function on all the different levels of Corporate affairs. From vision to strategy from tactics to operation Stuart is "at home". If you have an opportunity to get Stuart to join your team just grab it. And by the way unlike all other reference replies I have written, I am happy to provide the information given above with responsibility. What more can I say.”

Lawrence Bloom, Secretary-General, Be Earth Foundation

"Stuart and his team are masters at Impact Leadership and they deliver beneficial, bottom-line results regardless of the difficulty of the business environment. You want them "in your foxhole" as they will always do the right thing the best way possible to "get the job done."


The consummate professionals, they can be counted on to be truthful and accurate, while having the most fun possible".

Nathan Mobley, III, President, Andover Partners

"Stuart Williams has been a voice for change and the disruption of the status quo of the capital markets for well over 20 years. I have found myself a student of his writings, an investor in his businesses and a disciple of his teachings for over 10 years myself. His dedication to the disruption and disintermediation of the impact space is widespread and his most recent role as impact entrepreneur in residence at the College of Charleston underscores his latest chapter of giving back and educating the next generation of social entrepreneurs.

I am honored to call him a colleague and privileged to call him a friend. His experience in the space and ability to act as a catalyst for convenings is matched only by his vision and willingness to support his community and the next generation. I am an enthusiastic supporter of all of his undertakings personally and professionally."

Jason Britton, Chief Investment Officer & Head Quantitative Thematic Manager, Reflection Analytics

"I have worked with Stuart and his team in different capacities at various companies in the past. They are driven executives committed to excellence in their pursuits. As the Founder, Stuart is a thought-leader and an expert in business execution. Simply stated, he finds a way to make things work.  I recommend anyone interested in the impact space to consult with Stuart as a founder and a leader in the industry".

Art Condodina, Private Investor

"Stuart Williams is one of the most passionate and dedicated individuals I have met who has selflessly dedicated himself to helping others develop business concepts that also benefit humanity and the environment. His ceaseless work ethic and depth of knowledge is truly inspiring".

Ian Sanchez, Founder, Grow Purpose

"I was incredibly lucky to have Stuart as a mentor while I was an MBA student at the College of Charleston School of Business. I was immediately drawn in by Stuart’s innate charisma and incredible public speaking ability.

Kelly Muxworthy, Bain Capital