Communities, Businesses, and People Around the World Have Asked for Help.
Yet Again
In Place Impact Responds
COVID Recovery Certifications

The world has asked for help, and yet again In Place Impact is responding. 

We now offer a unique opportunity for people or teams to become Certified in Impact Economics, thereby allowing anyone to create their own, self-funding, for-profit organization purposed to embed Impact Economics within their communities. 

During the past 6 weeks, we have had over 1500 passionate people participate in our Club House rooms focused on the future of community-based, inclusive, economic models.  During the over 40 hours of discussion, we have yet to find (however we are sure some must be out there) other alternative, community-centric, inclusive economic models that have been tried, tested and proven to work. Accordingly, Impact Economics is currently the only one we are aware of.

Communities around the world are hurting, businesses have closed, people have lost their jobs, economies have been weakened, and vulnerable people are at the highest levels of risk since the financial markets collapse in 2008. Help is needed, and it is needed fast.


In response to the above, In Place Impact is offering certifications in Impact Economics for less than 20% of the original cost. Instead of in-person, week long (40 hour) immersive classes, the certification program will be taught online over 10 weeks in two, 2 hour sessions per week, starting with America (East of the Mississippi), Europe, Africa, and South America. Other classes will be held for America West of the Mississippi, and Asia. On Tuesday's and Thursday's, a two hour virtual session will be held at 1pm EST (should help Europeans) and again at 6pm EST for US participants who can only participate after work.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In Place Impact assigns the number of certifications available in a territory (community, city, state, or country) based upon population, GDP, and the number of registered (for profit) companies within a geographic area. Prior to COVID, certifications (usually multiple) came with an exclusive territory, however, the COVID Recovery Certification does not have that benefit. Although during COVID we have reduced the cost of an exclusivity benefit from $10,000 to $5,000, we cannot provide it with this program. Additionally, we have already certified numerous exclusive territories so we may not be able to accept your application if you desire to become certified in one of those regions. We also cannot provide financing for the Covid Recovery Certification. For more information on the different kinds of certification, with ALL of the fine print, please visit "Impact In Place".

Once certified, you can immediately start using all of the tools provided to start helping companies, educational institutions, students, community residents, Impact Entrepreneurs, Impact Investors, NGO's, your local government, and the most marginalized segments of your community to build a sustainable future. 

The cost for a COVID Recovery Certification is $1995. However, before you complete the application form below, it is important that you watch this video "Impact Economics" in its entirety. This is a real opportunity to build your own, self funding, purpose driven consulting firm based upon a unique certification that will set you apart from others. 


Certified individuals receive:


  • Full (and ongoing) training on Impact Economics

  • All of the Leadership and Management Through the Lens of Profit for Purpose Consulting tools

  • Unfettered use of the Corporate Impact Index and City/Community Impact Index online Consulting Tools 

  • The syllabus for the Impact Entrepreneurship Student and Community classes

  • How to create, build and run an "Impact Day" in their communities

  • Multiple MOU's and Contracts created for the specific use of Impact Economics Certified Consultants

  • Detailed instructions on how to embed Impact Economics in their communities

  • Use of In Place Impact's registered marks

  • Inclusion in the In Pace Impact network of Certified Consultants

  • Plus a great deal more. 

Once an application is received, a Zoom will be set up to discuss the appropriateness of the certification for the individual/team. If appropriate, the certification agreement will be forwarded for review (they do not change unless local legal rules require it). Once executed and payment is received, the applicant/s are enrolled in the program. 

Each class is limited to 10 people, In Place Impact will use the majority of the funds it generates to help people embed Impact focused Ecommerce platforms within their communities.