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Charleston's Only Free
Impact Entrepreneurship Class

Register Below. We are limited to 30 participants per class. 

7-Years ago we started Charleston's first 100% free Impact Entrepreneurship class. Modeled after the award winning, 6-credit, ImpactX class that our family designed, helped fund, and still helps teach at College of Charleston, over 700 people have now learned how to become Impact Entrepreneurs, and or launched their for-profit, Impact focused initiative in the greater Charleston area. Lives have been changed and remarkable businesses have been brought to life.

The class consists of 12, 1.5 hour sessions that are held once each week at the School of Business, College of Charleston, commencing at 5:30pm, Thursday January 19th, 2023.

This class is now being taught in communities across the country, and in fact the world. and it is even being taught in prisons, such as the Al Cannon detention Center in North Charleston. Next month, Mike Martin and his great team in Muncie Indiana are launching the class in partnership with Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana.

What Can Community Residents Do?
You Will be Amazed

Cognova came to our class as "Music Over Meds". We helped them win the Human Rights Award and to get into a more focused Incubator when they were ready. 

If you want to attend the class (it is 100% free), simply register below. You will become a part of Charleston's thriving Impact Entrepreneurship community, you will learn a ton, possibly launch your dream, and most importantly, have fun.


In Place Impact is proud to work with the College of Charleston to offer the class as it has built bridges into many sections of our community. We also thank Mayor John Tecklenburg for us support of our work, and he does drop in from time to time to see how the City can help class participants with their dreams.


If you or someone you know has a dream, or wishes to work on ways to help fix many of the socioeconomic and environmental problems we face, come join us.

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