Impact Economics
The Future of Corporate and
Community Empowerment

Make a Profit While Making a Difference for ALL of Your Community Stakeholders 

Personal, Profit, People & Planet
You may have never heard about a corporate, community, and government leadership and management program designed to drive higher profits for corporations, while at the same time helping EVERY stakeholder in a community. 
We hadn’t either, so using our Founder's decades of pioneering work on "Making A Profit While Making A Difference", we decided to create one.
Having tested it for 10 years and proving that it works, we are now providing over 6,000 people with the opportunity to embed it in their own communities. 
The Future of Capitalism

"As the world continues to talk about developing new community based economic systems and adapting capitalism, In Place Impact has done it. Furthermore, they have tested their models for almost a decade, proven that they work, and are giving 6,000 people the opportunity to deploy them in their communities"

~ Lawrence Bloom

Secretary-General, Be Earth, A United Nations IGO

"It matters not whether we were 26 years ahead, or that current business leaders

(Business Roundtable's Announcement) were 26 years behind.

What matters now is that we are all in the same place"

~ Stuart M. Williams

Founder & Chairman, In Place Impact

Join a Global Network that is Purposed to Annually Cause

The Generation of Over $2 Billion to Fund Impact/SDG Studies in Global Universities and Colleges

$600,000,000 Invested in Community Based Impact Investment Funds

2,500,000 Global Citizens Learning Impact Studies

2,000 SDG Attainment Focused Companies to be Launched

500,000 Corporations to Embrace Leadership & Management Through the Lens of Profit & Purpose

Impact Economics Certified Consultants are the Only People in the World that Can Embed this Model in Their Communities. 
The Most Profound Impact Happens When it Occurs "In Place"

Build your own profit for purpose company designed to embed Impact Economics in your community. Receive full training, all blueprints, and all materials needed to work with:


Businesses, Colleges, Students, Community Leaders and Residents, Impact Entrepreneurs, Impact Investors, Not-for-Profits, Municipal Governments, and ALL Community Segments.

Become one of only 6,000 people in the world who are licensed to embed Impact Economics in their communities. 

At Last An Economic Model That Benefits Everyone
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Build Your Own Community-Based Business Purposed to Empower ALL Stakeholders to Participate in and Personally Benefit from the Creation of a Sustainable Future
Impact Economics Drives Multiple Benefits for
All Community Stakeholders
"As a client of an Impact Economics Certified Consultant, we pay less, get more, and at the same time we help our community become economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable for ALL of its residents. We love the fact that the fees we pay stay in our community, and that a meaningful percentage of them go towards helping it."
~ The Medical Spa at Kiawah Island


  • High-Profit Potential via Multiple Revenue Streams:

- Consulting fees

- Event revenues and profit

- Liquidity distributions from successful Impact Incubator companies

  • Continual Support & Training

- An initial one-week certification course

- Optional training webinars (3 times each week)

- Annual certification meetings (combined with the annual

motivational and awards event)

- Best practice adoption from the consultant network

  • Flexible Lifestyle

- You run your own business

- Formal offices are optional i.e. you can work from home

  • Low Cost of Entry

- A low initial Certification fee

- Low costs of running your business

- No inventory or equipment to purchase

  • A Supportive Network of Like-Minded People 

- All Certified Owner Operators share the same passion and  purpose i.e. working to eradicate poverty

- The network is built to help, encourage and motivate

- A global network of experts in Impact Economics, Impact Investing, Impact Management, Impact Entrepreneurship, and Impact Measurement

Profit (Visit Clients)

  • Help Corporate Clients Deliver The Highest & Most Sustainable:

-  Topline, bottom line, and gross margin results

-  Client acquisition and retention rates

-  ROIs and response rates on Cause Marketing campaigns

-  Employee retention rates

-  Brand and equity values

  • Attract the Best and Brightest Talent

  • Build New and Valuable NGO, Corporate, and Community Collaborations

  • Design Effective Environmental Stewardship Standards

  • Global Client Networks Built to Share Best Practices

  • Monthly Regional Events Plus an Annual Event

  • Access to Global Experts in Impact Management, Impact Investing, Culture Creation, Cause Marketing, etc., etc. 

  • Being part of a New Economic System

- Allow clients to achieve and exceed their own goals, while  helping to eradicate poverty within their communities


  • Building communities that are economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable for ALL residents

  • Free:

-  Classes on Impact Entrepreneurship 

-  Impact Incubators/Accelerators

-  Seminars for Not-for-Profits to migrate from Compete to Collaborate and from Transact to Transform

-  Professional services advice for residents wishing to build

community-focused, for-profit, Impact oriented businesses

  • Funding for Impact Studies to be embedded and expanded in educational institutions ​of your choice


An increase in environmental stewardship and regeneration initiatives by all stakeholders

This single announcement from the Business Roundtable will result in millions of companies having to retain consultants to help them embrace Leadership and Management through the lens of Profit and Purpose.

 In Place Impact is the only place in the world where you can learn directly from one of the pioneers of these management principles while embedding them in a new form of community-based economy. 

In Place Impact provides you with the opportunity to participate in and personally benefit from the creation of a sustainable future.