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Think about where the most profound conversations of your life have taken place? Think about how many times you had wished you were a "fly on the wall" at a dinner where the participants were people you respected or wanted to meet? Think about how many times throughout history you have heard, "it happened over dinner"?

Halls Chophouse and In Place Impact have created "Tuesday's at The Table", a monthly dinner series where up to 8 leaders in their fields discuss the future of their

communities, and or pressing issues of the moment.


Filmed live at a Halls Chophouse, you now have the opportunity to listen in on some of the most fascinating and profound conversations regarding topics of immediate importance to the future of your communities.  

Nothing is "staged", and the only pre-determined directive is the topic of discussion.


Each 75-minute Dinner will be accessible via live streaming and archived for future viewing. Additionally, 20 people will be able to mingle with the dinner guests once filming has concluded.

Access to live and archived films are through the free subscription program that you can sign up for below. Access to the after-dinner meet and greets is $50 per person and includes beverages. 

The first dinner is in April and will focus on "The Future of Charleston: A Look Through the Lens of Business, Education, and Government". All of the dinner guests will be people you will recognize if you live in Charleston, SC. 

Sponsorships for an entire season, a season by venue, or for a specific subject of dinner conversation, are available by request. 

To receive the schedule for the "Tuesday's at the Table" series, and or to inquire about attending or sponsoring one or more of the evenings, please subscribe below. 

"Dinners are defined as the ultimate act of communion; people that can have communion in nothing else, can sympathetically eat together, can still rise into some glow of humanity over food and wine" ~ Thomas Carlyle 

"After a good dinner, one can forgive anybody, even one's own relations" ~ Oscar Wilde