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Business leaders and innovators are truly important community stakeholders. Therefore, if we wish to build communities that are economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable for ALL of their residents we must:

  • Change the narrative about capitalism and businesses in relation to the huge amount of good they can do in our communities

  • Stop the demonization of the top and the bottom of the socio-economic demographic pyramid

  • Use Impact Economics to ensure that all community stakeholders benefit from enhanced financial, social, and environmental profits


The future's highest and most sustainable corporate profits are going to be delivered by leaders who embrace the principles of Leadership and Management through the lens of Profit and Purpose. Additionally, the world's greatest accumulation of wealth will be built by Impact Entrepreneurs who innovate solutions for the social and environmental problems faced by humanity.​


We provide executives with the information, knowledge, tools, contacts, and strategies they need to embrace, embed, measure, and benefit from Leadership and Management through the lens of Profit for Purpose. The results are:

  • Improved Top Line, Bottom Line, and Gross Margin Results

  • Higher Client Acquisition and Retention Rates

  • Better ROIs and Response Rates on Cause Marketing Campaigns

  • Lower Employee Turnover

  • Better Brand and Equity Values

  • Attract the Best and Brightest Talent

  • Build New and Valuable NGO, Corporate, and Community Collaborations

  • Effective Environmental Stewardship

Helping companies become more profitable while also creating a positive impact to all stakeholders helps communities become more inclusive and resilient. In Place Impact asks all of its clients to deduct 20% of the consulting fees they would have paid IPI, and to donate them in their own name to local initiatives purposed to help grow the Impact Economics economies being adopted by the communities the clients are located in. 

In Place Impact is the only company in the world that can do all of the above while providing all businesses with the ability to:

  • Become a part of their community's Impact Economics model

  • Publicly accredited as part of an Impact Economics ecosystem

  • Benefit from our proprietary "Corporate Impact Index" tools

  • Engage with Impact Economics Certified outsourced CSR Officers