Colleges Engage Us

Educational Institutions and Students are important stakeholders within the communities they are based in.

In Place Impact works with educational institutions to create Centers for Impact Studies and accredited "impact" focused classes that are:

  • Self-funding

  • Designed to leverage "Consequential Learning"

  • Embracing of accredited classes on Impact Entrepreneurship, Impact Investing, Impact Leadership & Management, Impact Measurement, Cause Marketing, and Integrated Reporting

  • Produce increased applications and donors

  • Incubators for remarkable impact-focused, student-led innovations that help solve local

       social, economic, and environmental problems

  • Help communities attain the SDG's

In Place Impact is the only company in the world that can do all of the above, while also:


  • Providing outsourced Impact Economics Certified CSR Officers

  • Accrediting an educational institution as being part of a community-based Impact Economics ecosystem

Six years ago, In Place Impact launched a pilot for this work with the College of Charleston and the results have been remarkable.  Visit "Our Impact" for more information. 

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