Foundations Engage Us

In many instances, Foundations can be the lifeblood of the communities they support. At In Place Impact we work with Foundations to help them:

  • Embed Impact Economics to increase economic vibrancy in the segments of their community that they work with, thereby increasing inclusion and resiliency while helping eradicate the effects of poverty

  • Embed Impact studies and consequential learning in schools

  • Promote, encourage and teach Impact Entrepreneurship to all residents wishing to participate 

  • Promote and increase local "In Place" Impact Investing 

  • Create greater awareness within every community segment about the work they do

  • Drive greater engagement within every community segment

  • Provide opportunities for every resident to participate in and personally benefit from the creation of a sustainable

  • Make their communities economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable for ALL residents

  • Train and certify Foundation staff in Impact Economics

  • Provide outsourced Impact Economics Certified CSR Officers

Helping Foundation executives adopt the Leadership and Management principles of Profit for Purpose while also gaining greater engagement with and a larger footprint on the communities they covet helps communities become more inclusive and resilient. In Place Impact asks all of its clients to deduct 20% of the consulting fees they would have paid IPI, and to donate them in their own name to local initiatives purposed to help grow the Impact Economics economy being adopted by the communities the clients are located in. 

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