Private Family Offices Engage Us

At this point, most global families of wealth have heard of, or been introduced too, Impact Investing and Impact Entrepreneurship. Less known, is that the fundamental cornerstone of Impact, "Making A Profit While Making A Difference", can be used to enhance intergenerational (G) bonding, and make succession planning more efficient and effective.

Given that the Impact Investing community asks so much of families of wealth, it is not time that it also gives back to them in ways that are meaningful? After all, if we want to live in a win/win society, it must be inclusive, i.e. Bottom-Up, Middle-Out, and Top-Down.

In Place Impact formed "The Impact Family Institute" to provide private retreats for multiple generations of families to bond together over a shared passion and purpose, while launching for-profit innovations purposed to help the communities and or countries they live in to attain the United Nations Sustainable Development goals, "The SDG's". In so doing, the retreats provide the youngest family members with an entire immersion in the pillars of Impact, including Impact Entrepreneurship, Impact Investing, Impact Leadership and Management (a huge asset for future business leaders), and Impact Measurement.

Helping families of wealth embrace the leadership and management principles of Profit for Purpose while also creating a positive impact on all stakeholders, helps communities become more inclusive and resilient. In Place Impact asks all of its clients to deduct 20% of the consulting fees they would have paid IPI, and to donate them in their own name to local initiatives purposed to help grow the Impact Economics economy being adopted by the communities the clients are located in. 

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