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Impact Economics
(New Capitalism)
Creating Communities That are
Economically, Socially, and Environmentally Sustainable
for ALL Residents
Impact Economics

Impact Economics, (often referred to as inclusive, multi-stakeholder, or new capitalism) has been designed to help any community become economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable for all residents. It is a self-funding, 100% inclusive circular economy that through its natural operation, starts to increase economic vibrancy in ALL community segments, begins reducing poverty and, has a dedicated focus to help adopters attain the SDGs. It provides every community segment with a seat at the table and delivers initiatives that are wins for each, but when one wins, they all win. It is not an idea, as it is been live tested in Charleston SC for 5.5 years and it works!

Impact Economics does not leave it to happenchance that a positive benefit for one stakeholder or community segment will drive a positive impact for all of them. 

Impact Economics Certified Consultants work with community-based:

  • Corporations to increase revenues, profits, brand equity values, and employee and customer retention rates while driving positive impact on their employees, communities, and the natural environments that surround them

  • City/municipal/state governments to create communities that are socially, environmentally, and economically sustainable for all residents and, to help businesses expand while hiring people from their marginalized community segments

  • Educational institutions to embed and expand Impact Studies via the award-winning ImpactX class and syllabus

  • Students to help them design for-profit innovations purposed to solve community-based social, environmental, and economic problems

  • ALL community residents to empower them to participate in and personally benefit from the creation of a sustainable future

  • Impact entrepreneurs to build out innovations purposed to Make a Profit While Making a Difference

  • Impact investors to find and fund community born Impact Innovations

  • Not-for-profits to help with their financial and human asset requirements

  • Marginalized community segments to increase economic vibrancy within them, thereby starting the eradication of the effects of poverty

Our Certified Impact Economics Consultants have worked alongside Presidents of countries and Neighborhood Associations alike, and they have been working to integrate Impact Economic Systems for a combined 50 years, across five continents. 

"Impact Economics has been designed for cities, states, countries, foundations, and any other entities to use "inclusive" or "multi-stakeholder capitalism" to create communities that are economically, socially and environmentally sustainable for ALL residents.


Impact Economics is Place-Based because the most profound Impact occurs when it happens In Place" 

Inside Impact Economics
Visit us in Charleston, SC to See it Live 

 "To date, most initiatives have been driven by philanthropy or government programs, hence we have been fighting economics with charity"

Charleston SC is the epicenter for Impact Economics, and after a 5.5 year real-world, live-test pilot, we are now scaling the program across the world. 

In Charleston, Impact Economics provides the following community stakeholders with a seat at the "circular economy table":

  • Educational Institutions

  • Students

  • Impact Entrepreneurs

  • Impact Investors

  • Corporations

  • Not-for-profits

  • City, Municipal, State, and National Governments

  • ALL Community Residents

  • ALL Community segments

  • The Environment

We are using Inclusive Capitalism to create a community-based (in place) economy where:

  • Economic vibrancy is increased in each and every segment of a community

  • Corporations become more profitable

  • People are empowered to create a better quality of life

  • The effects of poverty begin to be eradicated purely through the use of business and economics 

  • Every community resident can participate in and personally benefit from the drive to create a sustainable future

  • Not a single entity is asked to donate anything

  • Capital flow chokepoints are unlocked

  • No segments within the community are demonized 

  • Every community segment has a direct "line of sight" to the others so that misleading narratives can be changed

  • Communities can become economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable for all residents

  • Everything is done In-Place, and the beneficial results remain In-Place

  • Increases in economic vibrancy remain In-Place

  • Local people build their own companies to help every stakeholder within their communities

  • Success is politically agnostic, and it is not left to happenchance that all stakeholders and every socioeconomic segment of a community benefit

Impact Economics helps communities become economically, socially and environmentally sustainable for ALL of its residents. 

An Economic
Model for Everyone