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"Purpose is Not the Sole Pursuit of Profits but the Animating Force for Achieving Them"
~ Larry Fink, CEO, BlackRock
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All of our solutions are designed to be integrated into a new form of capitalism and economics. When one community stakeholder benefits, ALL benefit hence progress is not left to happenchance.  Hover over your appropriate circle or visit our Impact Economics Stakeholder page for more details. 
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In a recent survey by Deloitte, millennial workers were asked what the primary purpose of businesses should be – 63% more of them said “improving society” than said “generating profit.”

In the years to come, the sentiments of these generations will drive not only their decisions as employees but also as investors, with the world undergoing the largest transfer of wealth in history: $24 trillion from baby boomers to millennials. As wealth shifts and investing preferences change, environmental, social, and governance issues will be increasingly material to corporate valuations.

Many experts believe that every company in the world will need to embrace a Purpose and Profit focus if they wish to maximize profits, brand equity, and investor equity values.

Impact Economics Certifed Consultants also work with Government, Not-for-Profit, Education, and Community Leaders. 

In the United States alone there are over:

  • 25,000,000 Registered Corporations

  • 11,000,000 Potential Impact Investors

  • 89,000 Local Governments

  • 9,000 Post High School Educational Institutions

  • 2,000 Private Equity Funds

  • 1,500 Venture Capital Firms

  • 1,500 Private Family Offices

Additionally, American corporations spend over:

  • $16 Billion on Environmental Consulting

  • $20 Billion on just Fortune 500 CSR work

  • $1.7 Billion on Sustainability Software by 2024 (E&Y)