Impact Education
"Of course we must leave a better world for our children, but we must also leave better children for our world" 
Impact Education 

In Place Impact has been a leader in designing, embedding, and teaching Impact focused studies in colleges, schools, communities, and the boardroom. Below are examples of our achievements to date:

(A New 100% Inclusive, Community-Centric Economic Model) 

Launched 2012, Proven 2019

Executive Impact Leadership & Management Programs 

(Management & Leadership Through the Lens of Profit for Purpose)

Launched 2020

The World’s Only Impact Economics Certified, Outsourced CSR Officers

Allows any company to engage with a world-class CSR officer from as little as a day per month. 

Launched 2020

(Free Classes for ALL Community Residents)

Launched 2016

Launched 2019

Launched 2017

(Impact Entrepreneurship, Impact Investing, Profit for Purpose Leadership & Management, Cause Marketing, Integrated Reporting) 

Launched 2014


Launched 2017

Note: Impact Economics Certified Consultants benefit from being to embed all of the above within their own communities