Impact Families
College of Charleston School of Business
Charleston, SC
June 7th - 12th, 2020
Impact Families

"Families that innovate and impact together, bond together" 

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At this point, most global families of wealth have heard of or been introduced too, Impact Investing. Less known, is that the fundamental cornerstone of Impact, "Making A Profit While Making A Difference", can be used to enhance inter G bonding, and make succession planning more efficient and effective.


Given that the Impact Investing community asks so much of families of wealth, it is not time that it also gives back to them in ways that are meaningful? After all, if we want to live in a win/win society, it must be inclusive, i.e. Bottom-Up, Middle-Out, and Top-Down. 


In Place Impact formed the Impact Family Institute to provide private retreats for multiple generations of families to bond together over a shared passion and purpose, while launching for-profit innovations purposed to help their countries attain the United Nations Sustainable Development goals, "The SDG's". In so doing, the retreats provide the youngest family members with an entire immersion in the pillars of Impact, including Impact Entrepreneurship, Impact Investing, Impact Leadership and Management (a huge asset for future business leaders), and Impact Measurement. 


Our Founder co-authored the original thesis of "Making A Profit While Making A Difference," and today is one of the word's leading experts on the global Impact Economy. You are in good hands. 


The Retreats

Designed to be "edu-cations", and thus held during school breaks, the 5-day immersive and interactive retreats are modeled after the accredited, and award-winning ImpactX class, that was launched four years ago at the College of Charleston. The retreats are led by global experts in Impact Entrepreneurship, Social Enterprise, Innovation, Impact Investing, Technology, Prototyping, and Scaling. 


Each enrollment retreat is open to multi-generations of families, wishing to work together to build new legacies based upon a shared passion and purpose. 


As we say and know to be true, Families that innovate and impact together, bond together. 

Note: The Retreats are by invitation only. 


The Objective

Our objective is simple, it is to help families enhance generational (G) bonding and succession planning using the platform of "Making A Profit While Making A Difference."


Who Can Attend

Impact Family Retreats are open to multi-generational family members only. No service providers can attend, unless as part of a family group.


Our Faculty

Our retreat faculty are globally recognized leaders in their fields. The majority are either successful Impact Entrepreneurs or Academic Ph.D.'s. The Impact Family Institute has a core permanent faculty and an impressive list of visiting faculty members. 


Your Hosts

In Place Impact is the only organization in the world that holds private intergenerational retreats that are uniquely designed to use the creation and launch of impact-focused, for-profit innovations, to enhance G (generational) alignments, bonding, and succession planning within families of wealth. 

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