Our Communities Need Help

When Charleston, SC (our community) recently doubled down on its lock down, we realized that it was imperative that those of us who could, must step forward to help our local businesses, our residents, and our economy. Additionally, we were not even out of the COVID woods yet and we were facing further (national) political turmoil.


At the time of the double down, we as a community had already lost hundreds of companies and thousands of jobs, plus our economy was hurting and our most vulnerable neighbors were at higher risk than anytime in recent memory. These were the reasons why we launched Impact Hub CHS, Charleston's own online e-commerce platform www.impactchs.com.


In researching how best to help, we discovered that our communities, Charleston, Johns Island, Mount Pleasant, James Island, and North Charleston, annually spent over $500,000,000 each year outside of their local economies on online purchases (Amazon accounts for almost $100m), and retaining professional service/consulting firm with no local presence. Thus, Impact Hub CHS was designed help bring material amounts of that money back to our local businesses, while also helping our most vulnerable neighbors.


Using a unique ranking methodology showing where each product or service is made and sold, Impact Hub CHS allows any company in our community to host its own online store on our platform, totally for free. Companies can list some or all of their products, use our unique ranking system to "score them" (showing a potential customer the percentage of the money they spend that will remain in our economy), and benefit from 1,000's of evangelists within our community promoting the platform across their friends, family, and businesses networks. Customers can search for products by type of business, type of product, where a business is located, and where a product is made. The platform even has a section for services, professional services, restaurants, hotels, etc., etc.)


Impact Hub CHS will help:

  • Support local businesses, thereby helping them grow and hire back the employees they had to layoff

  • Create new businesses resulting in new jobs (we have embedded In Place Impact's free Impact Incubator that helped launch 5 local companies during the COVID months of 2020)

  • Increase overall economic vibrancy

  • Our most vulnerable neighbors


Our evangelists are people who:

  • Are vets who need some help

  • Have lost their jobs due to COVID

  • Home bound (we have partnered with www.myunboundlife.org)

  • Provide full-time, unpaid care to family members with chronic conditions or special needs


Each of our evangelists is given a unique code. As they socialize the platform throughout our community, customers simply enter the code of the person who made them aware of our platform. Even though local companies host their store with us for free, we do charge a commission on every sale (10% that is reduced for larger purchases), and then we then pass on 65% of that to the evangelist responsible for the customer coming to the site.


We are proud to announce that Mr. Vishal Patel, (Founder of Unbound Life), and Ms. Jody Bell and Ms. Katy Greer (both Honors College Sophomores and Stuart M. Williams Impact Scholars at CofC) have been instrumental in building this platform.

We need to step forward to do something to help our communities through this time. As many of you reading this may already know, Making A Profit While Making A Difference is in our DNA hence, the will help you launch this in your community.