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Executive Education

In 1992, the Queen of England summed up her year as “annus horribilis” (a horrible year), and no one in America could be blamed for using that moniker to describe the 12 months March 2020 - February 2021.  COVID19 and civil unrest took their toll on all of us, while at the same time mandating that we embrace new forms of leadership and management practices.


Thus, as current or potential business owners, leaders, and managers there may not have been a more important time in our business careers to embrace the tsunami of change coming our way.


Data now shows that the futures highest and most sustainable corporate profits will be delivered by executives who embrace the Leadership and Management philosophy of Profit for Purpose. Those who have already done so are now experiencing the highest:

  • Revenues

  • Margins

  • Profits

  • Brand equity, brand value, and brand recognition

  • Customer and employee retention rates

  • Possible chance to hire the best and brightest talent

  • Positive Impact on communities and their environments


Seven years ago, In Place Impact partnered with The School of Business, The College of Charleston, to start embedding Profit for Purpose studies within its undergraduate and graduate programs. Today, the partnership is revered as a center for excellence in helping heads of corporations and governments adopt, embed, and benefit from today’s most successful leadership and management strategies.


In order to help as many companies as possible, In Place Impact and The School of Business at the College of Charleston have now launched Executive Education programs designed to immediately help current and or future owners, leaders, and managers steer their companies to become stronger, more profitable, and have greater positive impact on all stakeholders than ever before. 


"Just the value of the time and intellectual capital we receive from Stuart Williams is worth tens of thousands of dollars. Add to that the friendships we build with like-minded people, the profound positive impact we have on our companies, and the impact we have in our communities and the value becomes priceless" 

Vishal Patel

Founder & CEO

Unbound Life. Corp

Each program is limited to 20 participants and is broken into two, 90-minute virtual sessions, followed by 8 hours of dedicated private time to each organization in attendance. Dedicated time can be held in Charleston, SC after September 1st 2021.

Each program includes:


  1. The market forces shaping the future of business leadership

  2. Designing profit for purpose leadership and management strategies for success resulting in the development of a company that everyone would want to work for and do business with, while never wanting to leave.


  • Using In Place Impact’s proprietary Corporate Impact Index as a real-world consulting tool (+/- 250 questions), each attending organization will receive an in-depth look at how its is currently impacting its:


  • Revenue, margin, and bottom line

  • Brand equity, brand value, and brand recognition

  • Financial stakeholders

  • Employees

  • Customers/clients

  • Entire supply chain

  • Community (the community that surrounds its locations)

  • Natural environment (the natural environment surrounding its location)


Note: In Place Impact's unique Corporate Impact Index is an $8,000 value and NDA’s are signed to keep results proprietary.


    3. The Impact Bucket Challenge:

Taking the results of an organizations Corporate Impact Index, the program then helps you prioritize a list of operational priorities that can be made to improve each KPI in your business: Each suggested priority is placed in 1 of 3 “Impact Buckets”:


Bucket 1 = can be implemented immediately with zero cost thus an infinite ROI

Bucket 2 = can be implemented within 3 months with immaterial costs and hence an above normal ROI

Bucket 3 = can be implemented within 9 months with material expense hence a normalized ROI


The program also focuses on how to use design, use, and leverage profit for purpose strategies to:


  • Design, implement and manage a purpose for profit-focused culture: Culture Tops Strategy

  • Ensure that your purpose drives enhanced brand equity and value: Culture as a Driver Brand Equity and Value

  • Foster community Impact and a Local Living Economy to drive higher profits and enhanced local (social, economic, and environmental) impact: Local Impact Economics

  • Leverage profit for purpose strategies to build a fully sustainable supply chain​


You can also contract with the world's only Impact Economics Certified CSR Officers. 

Who Should Attend

Current and future business owners, leaders, and managers wishing to maximize profits while enhancing positive (local and regional, and where appropriate national and global) economic, social, and environmental impact for all segments of the communities their business footprint touches. Leaders who are writing statements in response to current events, but then question whether their organization has the commitment and stamina to live up to those statements.

Your Investment

Your investment to attend the Executive Education Retreat is $2,495. Discounts are available for multiple attendees from the same company. (A portion of your investment goes to help fund Impact Studies at The School of Business, The College of Charleston)

Request an Invitation

To receive a detailed schedule plus an agenda, please request an invitation by completing the form below. If you choose to register, you will be directed to the College of Charleston Executive Education registration site.