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Impact Leadership & Management
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Executive Education Retreat

"Just the value of the time and intellectual capital we receive from Stuart Williams is worth tens of thousands of dollars. Add to that the friendships we build with like-minded people, the profound positive impact we have on our companies, and the impact we have in our communities and the value becomes priceless" 

Held in America's Number 1 city and a global hub of Impact, attendance at our two-day events will provide you with the knowledge, information, tools, and contacts you will need to: 


  • Uncover your company's signature cause

  • Build imperative bridges between every functional department in your company

  • Examine the future of Profit & Loss, and redefine corporate P&L statements

  • Make your company's culture it's brand

  • Build an Impact Culture that will top strategy

  • Become a secret weapon in your corporate sales strategies

  • Design and implement Impact Leadership and Cause Marketing strategies that will:

  • Increase revenues

  • Boost customer acquisition and retention rates

  • Lower employee and client attrition

  • Keep you and your company relevant in today's changing sphere

Your investment to attend is $1495 and group discounts are available.  20% of your registration fee is donated to the College of Charleston School of Business to build the Center for Impact Studies. Additionally, attendees get a 50% credit of their registration fee toward any future "Corporate Impact Index" consulting engagement with In Place Impact.  To learn more and to secure your seat, click on the banner below. 

The next iteration of CSR and Corporate Citizenship is Impact Leadership and Management through the lens of Profit and Purpose. Impact Leaders and Managers touch every department/function in an organization. They are playing ever more important roles in branding, marketing, PR, driving sales, and setting internal cultures. No longer are they a window/connection to a corporation's stakeholders, they have actually become the eyes (windows) into the soul of a company. This trend is so profound that CEO searches now focus heavily on CSR and Corporate Citizenship professionals because they truly are the Impact Leaders and Managers in the room. 


Why? Because they deliver the highest:

  • Revenues, margins, and profits

  • Brand and equity values

  • Employee and customer retention rates

  • Marketing ROIs

  • Corporate growth rates


  • Executives in the highest demand are those with the tools, know-how, skill sets, and contacts required to design, embed, and steward Impact Management Systems within an organization. 

  • Companies embracing Impact Leadership and Management get to hire the best and brightest talent

  • Impact leaders and managers are becoming the most important people in the room

As evidenced by the announcement from the Business Roundtable, global business executives are going to have to embrace Leadership and Management strategies designed through the lens of "Profit and Purpose". 

The executives at In Place Impact have been teaching Leadership and Management strategies through the lens of Profit and Purpose for 26 years. Today, we run Executive Education retreats in Charleston, SC so that you can start to become the "most important person in the room". You can also contract with the world's only Impact Economics Certified CSR Officers. 

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