PE & VC Funds Engage Us

In Place Impact works with Private Equity and Venture Capital Funds to help the leaders of their portfolio companies create greater equity value by embracing Profit & Purpose Leadership & Management strategies. In Place Impact is the only company in the world that can:

  • Use its proprietary "Corporate Impact Index" to help a portfolio company:

- Achieve the highest revenues, profits, brand equities and values, and employee and customer retention rates

- Drive the most profound positive impact on their communities and the environment; and

- Hire the best and brightest talent

  • Accredit funds and their portfolio companies as being Impact Economics Certified

  • Embed a portfolio company into its community Impact Economics Certified Ecosystem

  • Contract with outsourced Impact Economics Certified CSR Officers

  • Raise Impact focused capital​

  • Use community-based student and resident Impact Incubators as potential deal flow vehicles

  • Unlock the capital-flow chokepoints that prevent top-down capital from finding, funding, and scaling "bottom-up" innovation

Helping funds and their portfolio0 companies become more profitable while also creating a positive impact to all stakeholders helps communities become more inclusive and resilient. In Place Impact asks all of its clients to deduct 20% of the consulting fees they would have paid IPI, and to donate them in their own name to local initiatives purposed to help grow the Impact Economics economies being adopted by the communities the clients are located in. 

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