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An In Place Impact Certification Could Be

The Key to Your Future

At In Place Impact we are fully aware that there are many people who are totally aligned with our passion and purpose, but as of yet they have not built the capital required to become Certified. In line with our myopic focus on Giving Back, we want to make sure that there are numerous opportunities available for those who need some help to get started. 

Every individual who pays to become certified has the right to nominate an individual to receive a needs based scholarship. We also encourage applications from people who do not have sponsors, as we use our Impact Pairing Model to match scholarship granters to appropriate recipients.


Please note that In Place Impact must approve all scholarship nominations and applications, plus, all scholarship recipients must go through the training program to become certified. 

Scholarship nominees must be able to:

1. Prove that they need the scholarship

2. Check the boxes for all other requirements in terms for personal, business, and passion and purpose profiles

To be considered for a scholarship, please use the form below.