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Charleston, SC
Our Successful 5-Year Pilot Embedding Multi-Stakeholder Capitalism in Charleston has Been Embraced by:
The City and The Mayor
The College of Charleston
Business & Community Leaders
Residents of ALL Community Segments
Every Socio-Economic Demographic in Our City

The most profound Impact occurs when it happens "In Place".  At In Place Impact we have a myopic focus on empowering all residents within a community to participate in and personally benefit from the creation of a society that is economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable for all. We have chosen to leave both national political parties behind and to empower people to solve the problems themselves. To achieve this we provide the following pro-bono Social Impact work:

Impact Education and Consequential Learning

6 years ago, In Place Impact designed, helped fund, and helps teach the award-winning, 6 credit ImpactX (Impact Entrepreneurship Class) at the College of Charleston. 

This semester-long class uses consequential learning techniques to challenge students to build for-profit innovations purposed to help the greater Charleston region uphold one or more of the UN SDGs. 

In Place Impact team members donate 20 hours per week to helping teach and mentor the remarkable students who are selected to take the class. 

Total annual donated hours = 800. Total annual cash donations = $20,000

In Place Impact designed, fully funds, and teaches Charleston's only free Community Impact Entrepreneurship Class. (A $13,000 value for each participant).

Held 3 times each year in 12-week cohorts, any resident of greater Charleston can attend the 90 minute classes held on Wednesday nights at CofC. 

Over 600 people have taken the class, over 70% are women, over 60% are minority,  and over 50% live in our most marginalized community segments.

In Place Impact team members donate 4 hours per week to help teach and mentor the class participants.

Total annual donated hours = 144. Total annual cash donations = $10,000

Our Founder sits on the Board of Governors of the School of Business at The College of Charleston, and was recently elected to the Board of Directors for the universities 250th Anniversary. He is also the Impact Expert in Residence at the school.

In Place Impact mentors undergraduate and graduate students in everything Impact.

In Place Impact Team members donate 2 hours per week to mentoring students on all things Impact.


Total annual donated hours = 70. Total annual cash donations = $0

Our Founder created and funded the Stuart M. Williams Impact Scholars program at the College of Charleston. 

Each year 7, seven students are chosen to become Stuart M. Williams Impact Scholars, receiving a total immersion in Impact Investing, Impact Entrepreneurship, Impact Management, Impact Economics, and Impact Measurement. 

In Place Impact team members donate a total of 4 hours per week to mentoring the scholars.

Total annual donated hours = 140. Total annual cash donations = $5,000*

* Additional donations from the Williams family are not from In Place Impact

In Place Impact designed Charleston's annual Impact Day event and donated it to the College of Charleston. All proceeds are used to build a formal Center of Impact Studies at the school. 

The event is purposed to expose residents of Charleston to global best practices in building a community that is economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable for all residents. 

In Place Impact team members donate 50 hours per year to the event.

Total annual donated hours = 50. Total annual cash donations = $10,000

The Most Profound Impact Happens When it Occurs "In Place"
"Working with In Place Impact is awesome! Our profits are up, our team is happier, and at the same time, we are helping our community become economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable for ALL of its residents. We love the fact that we get embedded in our community circular economy, that the fees we pay stay in our community, and that a meaningful percentage of them go towards helping it.
We also now have our own (outsourced) CSR Officer!"
~ The Professional Medical Spa at Kiawah Island

Making Charleston a Global Exemplar of Impact

In Place Impact designed, funds, and runs Charleston's only free Impact Incubator. 


Graduates of the student and community classes can bring their SDG focused Impact Innovations into the Incubator to help get them to market and to start scaling them. 

In Place Impact has arranged for pro-bono hour donations from every kind of professional services firm. 

In Place Impact team members donate 600 hours per year to the Incubator and the companies in it. 

Total annual donated hours = 600. Total annual cash donations = $25,000

On a pro-bono basis, In Place Impact has worked extremely closely with Mayor John Tecklenburg and the City of Charleston to make the "Holy City" socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable for all of its residents. 

The City of Charleston has gone through In Place Impact's "City Impact Index".

In Place Impact has donated over $250,000 in pro-bono consulting hours to Impact Economics in Charleston.

2019 Totals of Social Impact

Over 2,500

Over $250,000



Most of the work we have done in Charleston, SC will be replicated around the world by Impact Economics Certified Consultants. 

To put that in perspective, In Place Impact believes that it can become the catalyst for:

  • Providing over 6,000 people with the opportunity to build their own for-profit company purposed to make their own communities economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable for all of their residents.

As a collaborative, the global Impact Economics Certified Consultants could cause the following to occur:

  • The creation of over 60,000 jobs all focused on driving positive impact upon the platform of Making A Profit While Making A Difference.

  • Over $2 Billion each year in redirected consulting fees granted to schools to teach Impact Studies 

  • Over $600,000 each year in redirected consulting fees granted to trusts that act as Impact Investment Funds, and that are purposed to help community built Impact Innovations come to market

  • Certifying over 200,000 companies each year as being the platinum standard of how they steward the human, financial, and environmental resources they use to run their operations

  • Bringing over 1,000 local Impact Innovations to market each year

  • More than 2.5 million people each year taking classes on Impact studies

  • More than 500,000 small and medium sized companies each year having access to world-class outsourced CSR officers

The Future