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Disrupting, Disintermediating, and Democratizing the Global Impact Conference Industry

So proud of my daughter. She is picking up the family’s history in the global conference business and using that knowledge to do events on Impact.

However, as she is tired of seeing conference organizers charge $2,500 and more just for a ticket, thus precluding the very people many of the events focus on from attending, she is changing the paradigm.

Last week, one of our events was donated to the College of Charleston, Impact Charleston Day was sold out, and the proceeds will be used to expand Impact Studies at CofC.

That is just one method she is using, here is an example of another, I urge you to look at the pricing and sponsorship initiatives.

She is going to transform and disrupt the global event business by having a myopic focus on bottom up. Her events will be purposed to provide all people with the opportunity to get the knowledge, information, tools, contacts, and where appropriate capital to build their own sustainable future.


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