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Dear Fellow Impactors,

Do you know anyone that is passionate about helping their communities become economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable for ALL of their residents, while at the same time may need a little help in life?

In May this year (after ten years of design, piloting and testing), we were thrilled to have the proof that Impact Economics works. Impact Economics uses business and economics to increase economic vibrancy in every socio-economic segment of a community, while at the same time, helping create social, economic and environmental balance. It does this by providing all community stakeholders with

a seat at the circular table representing inclusive capitalism for their community. Each community stakeholder enjoys “wins” from initiatives designed specifically for them, however, when one “wins”, all win.

Our scaling model is based upon certifying appropriate individuals to become Certified in Impact Economics, thereby allowing them to build their own for-profit businesses within their communities. We believe these businesses can be financially sustainable, provide jobs for many people, help communities eradicate poverty, and all the while being exemplars of "Making A Profit While Making a Difference".

 In America alone we can grant 1624 certifications, 50% of which we are giving away as needs based scholarships. Information on our scholarship program can be found here “Scholarships”. Since launching in May, all of the available certifications have been issued in:

  • The State of Nebraska

  • The State of West Virginia

  • The State of Wisconsin

  • The countries of Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, and Liberia

Additionally, we have issued all of the certification licenses in:

  • Charleston, SC,

  • North Charleston, SC

  • Muncie, In

  • Georgetown, SC

Certification requires taking an immersive week-long class, followed by weekly (virtual) training and support provided by us. Our references regarding the profound impact of this work are:

  • Mayors of Cities

  • Presidents of Colleges

  • Deans of Business Schools

  • Those already Certified who have been through the training

  • Multiple business and community leaders

We invite you to read more about Impact Economics at And, as offered, if you know anyone (anywhere in the world) that you feel may be appropriate (see recommended experience/passion/purpose), and who needs a break in life, refer them to us or point them here, "SCHOLARSHIPS".

Thank you for all you do for people and planet. Together we can make a difference.

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