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Companies After Covid

As part of providing positive Impact to companies entering the new form of community-based capitalism created by Impact Economics, we developed our proprietary "Corporate Impact Index" to helps owners, leaders, and managers embrace leadership and management using the principles of Profit for Purpose.

Businesses are truly important stakeholders in any community and hence it is important that they also benefit. It is for that reason that we created the The Corporate Impact Index as an online consulting and accreditation tool (note, it is not a self assessment), that we use to immerse companies in Impact Economics in a way that benefits them, i.e. it is designed to help companies increase:

  • Revenues

  • Brand Equity

  • Profits

  • Employee and Customer Retention

  • Positive impact or employees, communities, supply chains, and the environment

  • The ability to hire the best and brightest talent

Some very recent examples of our success are:

  • Recently saving a company over $47,000 per year by helping it implement a simple rotational office plan which also increased productivity. The last time we checked, increasing revenues and decreasing costs was a very good thing.

  • Designing a program for organizations with major sales forces that cuts costs, but increases productivity, revenues, customer loyalty and brand equity/value, while decreasing employee and customer/client turnover.

We have been doing this work for a long time as it was our Founder who, in 1993, co-created the global platform of "Making A Profit While Making A Difference". The platform challenged Global Heads of State, CEO's, and owners and Managers of the world's largest asset pools to do two things:

1. Make as much money as they wished, but not at the expense of any segment of humanity and or the planet.

2. Once (1) above has been achieved, then make as much money as you wish but do it by deliberately driving positive Impact on segments of humanity and or the planet.

It is the above work that became the foundation for Impact Economics which now, after being live tested in Charleston SC for 5 years and proven to work, is being scaled across the US and the world.

Post COVID19, surveys are showing that there is no longer any doubt that people will stop working for, or doing business with, companies that do not embrace leadership and management through the lens of Profit for Purpose. It is no doubt a shame that something like COVID19 had to be the catalyst, but it we can now safely assume that the leaders who will deliver the futures highest and most sustainable corporate profits will be those that embrace all stakeholders and not just financial shareholders.

Companies post COVID19 are going to have a choice, i.e. back to business as usual, or standout from the crowd by embracing leadership and management through the lens of profit for purpose. To help companies during this time, we have reduced our consulting fees by 50% and, from the 50% we receive we will donate 50% of it to COVID19 relief efforts.

COVID19 or no COVID19 change was upon us and now it is here, so if you are interested in positioning yourself as a company the world will wish to do business with once this is over, drop me a note at and we will set up a virtual meeting. .

We look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Emily Williams

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