Handshake for Humanity

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

Capitalism has many great aspects to it, and it is now high time that we focus on carrying those great aspects forward, while leaving behind the ugly aspects that result in so much turmoil for humanity. We failed to do this after 9/11 and we failed again after the market implosion of 2008, as in both instances we chose to go right back to the status quo by either ignoring the problems completely, or, by simply doing the same things while hoping for different results. The time has come to look humanity in the eye, shake it by the hand, and say enough is enough.

When Covid19 finally passes and we reflect upon the loss of life and capital it created, how many of us will also reflect upon how the global system of capitalism we have created, and perpetuated for decades, was the cause of it? Furthermore, how many of us will truly work to design, deploy and manage new forms or community capitalism that are inclusive of ALL community stakeholders, create communities that are economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable for ALL residents, and give ALL residents at least the opportunity to participate in and personally benefit from the creation of a sustainable future.

In 1993 Susan Davis and I co-created the global platform of “Making A Profit While Making A Difference”. Simply put we challenged CEO’s, Global Heads of State, and owners and managers of the world’s largest asset pools to do two things:

1. Make as much money as you want, just not at the expense of any segment of humanity and or the planet.

2. Once have achieved number one, now make as much money as you want by deliberately driving positive Impact to segments of humanity and the planet.

People thought we were mad.

In 2008 I started pushing even harder for a new kind of inclusive community capitalism, I designed it, and over 10 years of live tests (most recently Charleston, SC for 6 years), have proved that it works.

People thought I was mad.

Today, many people are mad about Covid19 and as such we will see an exodus of employees, customers, and clients from companies that make money at the expense of any segment of humanity or the planet. Also, residents of communities around the world are already demanding that their leaders start looking for new forms of Inclusive Community Capitalism where every person has at least the opportunity to participate in, and benefit from, the creation of a future that is economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable for ALL residents.

So, what is the “Handshake for Humanity”? It is a tacit agreement between people who still believe that a handshake matters to place even more urgency on our municipal and city leaders (basically our mayors), to research and embed best in class inclusive capitalism programs within our communities. Programs that:

  • Identify and recognize ALL community stakeholders and community segments

  • Deliver initiatives for every stakeholder and segment that drive positive impact for each as individual components of the community, BUT, when one “wins”, it is not left to happenchance that all “win”. This includes businesses as they too are important stakeholders.

  • Fix the root cause of poverty, not just all the effects

  • Unlock capital flow choke points

  • Are 100% inclusive i.e. Top-Down, Middle-Out, Bottom-Up

  • Are founded upon business, economics and inclusive capitalism

  • Increase the velocity of capital within all community segments

  • Help community-business leaders and their companies deliver the future’s highest and most sustainable profits while having the greatest positive impact on the community

  • Help schools become fertile grounds for community-based impact innovations while embedding the educational methodology of “consequential learning”

  • Help funding for schools

  • Prepare students to embrace impact innovation and to learn leadership and management through the lens of profit for purpose

  • Provide free Impact Entrepreneurship classes for ALL residents plus access to free Impact Incubators that are accessible by ALL residents

  • Educate community-based investors on Impact Investing and make it easy for them to find, fund, measure, and scale community grown Impact Innovations

  • Provide greater income for the local government so that it can provide more resources t the community.

  • Result in the local government becoming more efficient and effective in its operations

  • Help community based not-for-profits thrive

  • Empower people living in segment of the community that are marginalized to rise themselves and their community up, and by doing so help to eradicate poverty

  • Are circular in nature, and place community-based Economic, Social and Environmental balance at their core

  • Attain the United nations SDGs

  • Are self-funding so that there is no need for donations or government help

At In Place Impact we have done all of the above, but ours is probably only one of many programs that have been embedded around the world that have been proven to work. If you are interested in learning about it, it is all here www.inplaceimpact.com. However, Handshake for Humanity is purposed to find and publish as many programs like this as we can so that communities have a choice. If you have other programs you wish to share, or would like to learn more, feel free to reserve a place at this free webinar on "Handshake for Humanity".

It is time for us all to look in the mirror as this time we need to make a different choice or suffer even great consequences in the future. For a glimpse of what that could look like, I encourage you to read this History Has A Habit of Repeating Itself”.

It is time to shake hands with humanity. You can find out more by joining our LinkedIN group at https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12254581/ and or our Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/213892983360452/.

Kind regards,

Stuart Williams

Founder & Chairman

In Place Impact

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