Handshake for Humanity

Dear Fellow Humans,

We recently launched "Handshake for Humanity" as a platform for people to share any proven programs that had been embedded in communities to create a future for "Capitalism Post Covid". Unfortunately, and even after putting out a global "high frequency bird call", we have again been direct to multiple "conversations", but very few actual proven models.

Accordingly, we have decided to drill down a few levels, by now providing people with a place to share what best practices they will commit to use in their personal and professional lives to help create a more resilient and sustainable future. To do this, we are using a web-based model called Tricider.

Tricider allows anyone to share the best practices they are committing too, while viewing, commenting on, learning from, and or voting for (up or down) those of others. This really is a tool that will allow us all implement great practices that have worked for others.

At The College of Charleston's ImpactX Class, we will be tracking this, and in due course contacting anyone (through the public board) to ask and remind them to share how the practices they have adopted have worked, why, and what were the positive impacts that came from them. It is time that we came together as race to share what works. Needless to say disparaging remarks and anything considered spam will be removed.

This is a totally free platform for us all to share how we can build a sustainable and more resilient future. Please only share practices that you have and or are going to implement and not ideas that you are not prepared to embrace.

To access the board for personal commitments please click here http://www.tricider.com/brainstorming/3MvYRbCiZ6F

To access the board for business commitments please click here http://www.tricider.com/brainstorming/3HjLYaCBekV

Only together will we be able to build a sustainable and resilient future, and to do that we will need to share ideas and collaborate on solutions. So, join us in a "Handshake For Humanity" (#handshake4humanity) and become a part of participating in and personally benefitting from the creation of the kind of future we not only would all like to see, but that we desperately need.

Kind regards,

Stuart Williams

Founder and Chairman

In Place Impact

Ps At In Place Impact we do not wish to direct this collaboration so we have only posted a few of our commitments. We will add more as people become engaged.

PPS Feel free to join Handshake for Humanity's Facebook Group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/213892983360452/ or its LinkedIN Group at https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12254581/

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