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Hate Mail

Updated: May 22, 2022

Ever since our Founder was interviewed and then announced the preface of his new book "Pimping Poverty" the hate mail from sections of the middle of America's Socioeconomic Pyramid has been pouring in.

Although it is not our intent to upset anyone, the more mail we receive, the more we know Impact Economics is working. So, if you are one of those people or organizations that are afraid of change, or that the curtain on your stance is about to be pulled back, we offer you the opportunity to collaborate, or, you can add to the list of nasty emails we have received.

The world is changing as is the way we solve socioeconomic and environmental problems. Most of those who send us hate mail are the same people and organizations that publicly call for 'systemic change", but wish to ignore the fact that by inference, systemic also means changing the way we approach change.

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