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Impact Economics. Dedicated to Lawrence Bloom

Two weeks ago humanity lost a giant. Lawrence Bloom was one of the most remarkable people it has ever been my privilege to meet, and to call him a friend was a gift.

The contributions he made to expanding the narrative around consciousness was unmatched, and his ability to connect people to do good was unsurpassed.

Lawrence and I would speak for hours on and about what was breaking down and hence what was breaking through, and his thoughts on midwifing that breaking through while hospicing that breaking down were ahead of their time.

Lawrence was deeply involved in Impact Economics, so much so that two weeks prior to his passing he generously gave his time to speak to a number of people who were going through the Certification class. We were due to reconvene the week he passed.

When our family gathered to discuss what we could do to honor Lawrence's contributions to humanity, we decided to dedicate Impact Economics to his memory, and to the positive impact he had on so many he knew, and even more that he did not.

There's no doubt in our minds that the A-Team is being reassembled on high to help guide humanity through this "Age of Change". We are sure that he and Barbara are already designing the future we all would like to see.

Thank you Lawrence for all you did and all you will continue to do. Every time we mention Impact Economics we will remember your contribution to it and to humanity.

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