Remembering Days of Grace

Written by our father on the night his dear friend was killed. There is a lot that our modern leaders can learn form her in terms of grace, dignity, kindness, and gentility.

Remembering Days of Grace

Role up the moon

Turn off the sun

Fly the flags at half-staff

An era is done

Let the bird of peace fly

Have the children asleep

Hear the animals cry

Watch the people weep

Imagine an Island

Inhabited by one lonely sole

A life full of torment

An innocence stole

From Princess to mother

From saint to wife

Her radiance was nature

Her meaning was life

Remember her smile

Hold dear her face

Feel her heart full of love

Share her sole full of grace

Yes come let us grieve

And openly mourn

For the world will be less

Come tomorrow’s dawn

As a subject and friend

Will I kneel again never

For Lady Diana

Shall be my Princess forever

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