Spreading Impact Economics

I am so happy for Augusto Bonorino in Argentina. As one of my Impact Scholars at College of Charleston, he has taken our Impact Economics program to his home town of Tucuman in Argentina. Yesterday he held his first event, and this am he sent me some pictures and the note below.

Dear Stuart

Everything went perfect! A lot of participants and all of them went home happy after almost 12 hours of pure work. It's amazing that I was able to actually make this happen with the results I encountered. People from the United Nations in Buenos Aires called me to scale the event in 3 other provinces which I just confirmed. Eventually they want me to make a national event.

I am so happy to share this with as you were the crucial person for me in this journey as you introduced me to Impact Economics and I am now taking advantage of it for myself and for others.

Thanks for the video and I am super exited to meet with you again at Impact Day.

Ps. I was just contacted by the organization called Pacto Global Argentina who want to work with me.

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