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In Place Impact congratulates Quanuquanei Karmue "Q", for starting and growing the Impact Economics program in his home country, Liberia. Q's remarkable story of surviving the genocide in Liberia is detailed in his compelling book "Witness - Civil War Through the Eyes of A Child" which chronicles Q's his incredible journey to freedom as an 8-year old boy.

On escaping to America, Q and his mother promised to go back to help as many children as possible, they kept that promise and founded "Save More Kids" which has grown into a remarkable NGO in Liberia, already saving and educating thousands of children.

In the coming weeks, Q will make an incredible announcement about his future, but in the meantime he has been using Impact Economics to grow economic vibrancy in underserved parts of Liberia. Using the tools he was given and taught to use, Q has built initiatives that have been hiring 300 people per month during the pandemic and there is more to come as he spreads Impact Economics across the entire country.

For more information on how Q is using Impact Economics to help Liberia, contact him via one of the links above.

For more information on Impact Economics and how you can bring it to your community, visit

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