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The Future of Business, Profit, Capitalism, Leadership, and Management, in Charleston SC.

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Business, profit, and capitalism are truly important stakeholders in any community.

This week saw the Democrats descend upon our beloved city to basically debate capitalism vs socialism. In addition to this, we have global business leaders such as Marc Benioff talking about the need for a new form of capitalism. What the participants in the debate did not know, is that the answer everyone is looking for was right under their noses, right here in Charleston, SC.

Six years ago, our Founder brought Impact Economics to Charleston. Founded upon his 1993 platform of "Making A Profit While Making A Difference", Impact Economics uses capitalism to create communities that are economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable for ALL residents.

The foundations of Impact Economics are:

A) Make as much money as you want, just not at the expenses of any segment of society and the environment

B) When you have achieved A, the make as much money as you want by driving positive impact to segments of society and the environment.

To date, we have given back a great deal to our community (see Our Impact) and we have embedded the following community stakeholders in Impact Economics.

  • Mayor Tecklenburg

  • The City of Charleston

  • The College of Charleston

  • Students

  • Community Leaders and Residents

  • Impact Entrepreneurs

  • Impact Investors

  • Businesses

  • Not-for-Profits

We embed each one by designing positive benefits for each, however, one one experiences a positive benefit, they all do.

In order to provide positive benefits to businesses in Charleston, 4 years ago we created the "Corporate Impact Index" , which is a unique on line consulting tool that allows us to help companies drive greater profits, while also driving greater positive impact for Charleston and everyone in it while:

  • Increasing revenues, profits, marketing ROI's, and brand equity and values

  • Decreasing customer and employee turnover

We are now ready to help any company in Charleston make greater profits while making a greater difference. We can do this by helping any business go through the "Corporate Impact Index", then providing a detailed report upon how it can drive enhanced results for profit, people, and planet. The cost to undertake the survey is $4,000, after which, we can also be retained too embed and measure the solutions we provide, the fee for which is based upon a company's revenue. The latter consulting assignment is optional. It is also important to note that of the $4,000, we request that you redirect 20% of it as a direct, tax deductible donation to the School of Business at the College of Charleston in order to expand the Impact Studies programs we have set up there. If we are then retained as a consultant, we request that you also redirect 15% of our consulting fees in the same manner.

You may not know this but your City is the world leader in Impact Economics, so much so that people form around the globe have started visiting Charleston to see Impact Economics in action. Many are coming for events that we are running with CofC such as:

Locally, we also run Impact focused events such as:

Like you, we truly care about every aspect of our great city.

So, if you want to make greater profits while making a greater difference to every stakeholder in Charleston, contact us at and we will come to show you how it all works.

Kind regards,

Stuart Williams


In Place Impact

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