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The Status Quo: The Greatest Pyramid Scheme in History

For decades we have listened to a narrative that demonizes the top and bottom of the socioeconomic demographic pyramid plus businesses in general. The narratives that are socialized about these problems have become generally accepted as the reasons we have been unable to eradicate poverty and or build a sustainable future. However, rarely do we hear any discourse about the role played by the middle acting as a choke point to the aforementioned imperatives.

At In Place Impact we fully agree that there are merited concerns about problems within the top and bottom of the socioeconomic demographic pyramid. Furthermore, there are merited concerns about the actions of some businesses in their goal to make money even at the expense of humanity and or the environment that support it. However, if you take the time to "follow the money", and if you stop to think about which section of the socioeconomic demographic benefits from tension between the top and the bottom, what you might conclude is that there are other problems hiding in plain sight.

The first step in fixing a problem is admitting it exists. If we continue to ignore problems and choke points that are hiding in plain sight, we will never eradicate poverty and or create a sustainable future.

Our founders upcoming book will cause quite a stir in its position that we must change the narrative. That we must stop placing all the the blame on a "greedy top" and or a "lazy bottom". Furthermore, it challenges the generally accepted stance that all businesses are bad businesses, and suggests that there is a better way to integrate all community stakeholders in a manner where it is not left to happenchance that a "win" for one, results in a "win" for all. Finally, it also clearly shows that capitalism needs editing, not eradicating.

The Status Quo is the Greatest Pyramid Scheme in history , and as long as we continue to only focus on the top, bottom, and business in general, it will remain in place with numerous choke points hiding in plain sight.

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