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Referral Network

In Place Impact's

Referral Network

Impact Economics Certified Consultants work with public and private leaders from large and small organizations  all over the world. They have a wide variety of backgrounds and areas of expertise, however, they cannot know everything and hence they frequently have a necessity to help their clients via collaborations with professionals that have specific expertise in certain genres. In Place Impact provides the Certified Consultants with a referral network of professionals that have been pre-approved to provide the support that is required. 

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We generally pre-approve professionals in the following areas but there are additions:

  • Self Help and Consciousness

  • Life Coaching

  • Circular Economies

  • Fund Raising

  • Legal

  • Accounting

  • Finance

  • Sustainable Products and Packaging

  • Community Banking

  • Supply Chain 

  • Outsourced CSR Officers

  • Environmental Conservation

  • Plastics

  • B - C, and B - B, Renewable Energy Solutions 

  • Design Systems Thinking

  • Impact Investing

  • ESG and SRI

Plus more.....


As each Certified Consultant runs her/his own business, they are at liberty to reach out to professionals that could help their clients. In Place Impact does not charge any referral or transaction fee. Certified Consultants are encouraged to use professionals based in their own communities, however, there are certainly many instances where the expertise they require simply does not exist in their community. In addition, you may already be in a community where there is an Impact Economics Certified Consultant. 


When our Certified Consultant's charge their clients, they do so under In Place Impact's unique shared-values fee scale, and we would expect that you would be asked to do the same. In essence, this means that 20% of any fee you would charge would be allocated to support Impact Economics in the community the Certified Consultant is working in.


There is no charge for being included in our directory, nor are there any referral fees. The directory is only available to our Certified Consultants. You do however have to submit the application below.