You're Invited

"As the world continues to talk about developing new community based economic systems using multi-stakeholder capitalism, In Place Impact has done it. Furthermore, they have tested their models for almost a decade, proven that they work, and are giving 6,000 people the opportunity to deploy them in their communities"

~ Lawrence Bloom

Secretary-General, Be Earth, 

A United Nations IGO

You are invited to Charleston, SC to come and see 6 years of Impact Economics (Multi-Stakeholder Capitalism) in action. Your visit will include: seeing, meeting, or sitting in on the:

  • Meeting the Dean of the School of Business at the College of Charleston

  • Sitting in on the Award-winning ImpactX Class at the College of Charleston and Free Community Impact Entrepreneurship class

  • Meeting business and community leaders who have embraced Impact Economics 

  • Attending Impact Day CHS (if you come during that time)

  • Viewing either Impact Leadership and Management or Impact Family events (if you come during that time)

  • Meeting Impact Investors and Impact Entrepreneurs in Charleston

  • Viewing a Certified Consultant training session in (if you come during that time)

  • Meeting representatives from the City of Charleston who have embraced Impact Economics 

Plus more. 


If you wish to come, simply contact us below to arrange a convenient time. 

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