Week of February 15th - 21st

Fail Fast or Learn Fast: Sharing Failures With Radical Truth in Order to Increase the Odds of Future Success for Impact Entrepreneurs.


Club House, Thursday, February 18th, 15:00 (3pm) EST 



Editing Capitalism


Capitalism must be edited to be Inclusive. Inclusion begets equity, equity begets resiliency and resiliency is required for sustainability. Impact Economics has been proven to work.


Club House, Thursday, February 18th, 17:00 (5pm) EST 



Week of February 22nd - 28th

Solving Social, Economic, and Environmental Problems 2.0

Over the past 80-years we have institutionalized the problem solving "industry" and it needs a reboot. This is the follow up to the original room that attracted over 800 people and went on for almost 6 hours. 

Stuart will be joined by amazing panel moderators including  David WilcoxLeyla AcarogluJennifer Ewah, Renee Orth, and Samata Pattinson


Club House, Tuesday, February 23rd, 09:00 (9am) EST 



Doers and Collaborators Only


The amazing Katz Kiely has invited Stuart to help moderate this important room set up for those who have launched and proven an impact initiative, and those willing to adopt it in their own communities. 


Club House, Wednesday, February 24th, 09:30 (9:30am) EST