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Academic Institutions

"Of course we must leave a better world for our children, but it is equally as important that we leave better children for our world" 

~ Stuart M. WIlliams, 1998

The future of education and academic institutions

In Place Impact has been a leader in designing, embedding, and teaching Impact focused studies in colleges, schools, communities, and the boardroom. All of our initiatives are founded upon "Consequential Learning" and are designed ie be self-funding, i.e. there is no out-of-pocket expense for the academic institutions that embrace them. 


When we work with academic institutions, we:

  • Provide the syllabus and structure for the classes we recommend

  • Help the school increase applications and donations

  • Ensure the new classes are funded from resources outside of the school

  • Increase relevancy 

  • Help the schools prepare their students for the future of business and economics, teaching them how ot make a profit while making a difference

 Below are examples of our achievements to date:​​​​

  • Community Impact Studies (Free Classes for ALL Community Residents)

Launched 2016

  • Graduate Impact Studies Launched 2019​

  • Undergrad Impact Studies (Impact Entrepreneurship, Impact Investing, Profit for Purpose Leadership & Management, Cause Marketing, Integrated Reporting) 

    Launched 2014


  • High & Middle School Impact Studies Launched 2017

Note: Impact Economics Certified Consultants benefit from being to embed all of the above within their own communities. 

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