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Local Hubs of Vibrant Impact Innovation

The only way to make our cities and communities economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable for ALL residents is to do it ourselves using locally grown impact innovations.


To do this, we need to ensure that every segment, sector, and stakeholder in are communities have the opportunity to participate in and personally benefit from contributing to the creation of a sustainable community. 

Local impact innovations solve socioeconomic and environmental problems while increasing economic vibrancy   

Impact Economics Certified Consultants are the only professionals qualified and licensed to use In Place Impact's, Impact Economics model to create local hubs of vibrant impact innovation. They are experts in:

  • Providing academic institutions with everything they need (including funding) to embed accredited Impact Entrepreneurship and Impact Investing classes in their programs. 

  • Teaching students to develop impact focused innovations purposed to solve socioeconomic or environmental problems within their communities

  • Providing, teaching, and funding free Impact Entrepreneurship classes for community residents

  • Setting up local Impact Incubators

  • Providing local Impact Investors with a constant supply of potential investments, all purposed produce market or above financial returns while helping solve local socioeconomic and or environmental problems

  • Engaging local businesses and the local government to participate in and support local hubs of impact innovation


During the pandemic, the Impact Economics model in Charleston, SC was responsible for helping launch 7 local grown, impact focused innovations, all of which were locally funded. 

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