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Charleston Consulting

Our Work in Charleston

"To prove his point, Stuart subsequently used his own profit for purpose leadership and management models to create almost $1Billion in realized shareholder value from the companies he started and sold, and or worked with. Frankly, having created Profit for Purpose in 1993, he is the best in the world at what he does"

~ Art Condodina

Impact Investor

How We Give Back to Our Great City

Our clients include the City of Charleston, The College of Charleston, and some of our city's most recognizable business. And although we are proud of the work we do with our clients, we are even more proud of what we have contributed to our great City of Charleston.

Annually, we donate close to 2,000 hours of time and +/- $200,000 to the Charleston causes we care about. We provide our efforts to CofC, The Citadel, The Al Cannon Detention Center, The City of Charleston, Impact Entrepreneurs in Charleston, and any and all Community Residents of the Greater Charleston Region that have a hope or a dream. 

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Stuart M. Williams Day

In recognition of the impact our Founder and Chairman has had on the City of Charleston, SC, Mayor John Tecklenburg proclaimed March 29th, as Stuart M. Williams Day. ​

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Stuart M Williams Day

Sharing Our Fees

We ask our clients to redirect 20% of the consulting fees they would have paid us as direct donations (in their names) to the ImpactX program at the School of Business at CofC.

Making Charleston A Global Hub

We have been the catalysts for making Charleston a Global Hub of Impact Entrepreneurship. Today, people from all over the world visit our work in Charleston, and our model is being replicated across the US and the rest of the world

We work with global companies and national governments that come to Charleston to witness first hand what can be achieved. 

We are the best in the world at what we do, and we are right here in Charleston. 

Our Clients Do Better By Doing Good

For the past 13-years we have been the only consulting company in Charleston that uses the platform of Impact Economics to help every kind of organization within our city to increase returns to all stakeholders, including financial. 

Our clients demand growth while at the same time wanting to protect all that is wonderful about our beloved city.


We specialize in providing the leadership and management knowledge, tools, strategies, designs, implementations, and measurements for:

Companies to:

  • Increase revenues, margins, profits, brand equity, brand value, and customer and employee retention rates

  • Embrace "Leadership and Management Through the Lens of Profit for Purpose"

  • Hire the best and brightest talent

  • Align with changing consumer trends

  • Create or enhance positive impact for every segment of their community

  • Help their communities attain the SDGs and thereby eradicate many of the socioeconomic and environmental problems they face


Governments to:

  • Create communities that are economically, socially, and environmentally Sustainable for ALL Residents

  • Drive inclusion and equity

  • Provide every resident with at least the opportunity to participate in and personally benefit from contributing to the creation of a sustainable future

  • Build & deliver budgets that work

  • Make the attainment of the SDGs a reality and thereby eradicate many of the socioeconomic and environmental problems they face

  • Start decentralizing a lot of decision Making

Impact Entrepreneurs & Investors to:

  • Create local hubs of vibrant impact focused innovations purposed to help solve local socioeconomic and environmental problems

  • Work with local academic institutions, businesses, community leaders, and local government to create platforms for community residents and students to become Impact Entrepreneurs

  • Increase economic vibrancy while helping solve local problems

Academic Institutions to:

  • Embed, fund and teach impact focused studies including:

- Impact Entrepreneurship

- Impact Investing

- Leadership & Management through the lens of Profit for Purpose

- Cause Marketing

- The SDGS

- Integrated Reporting

  • Increase donations

  • Create even stronger relationships with all segments of the community they are in

  • Embrace "Consequential Learning"

Students to:

  • Create impact focused innovations purposed to help solve socioeconomic and environmental problems in their communities

  • Help their communities attain the SDGs

  • Benefit from "Consequential Learning"

  • Become future businesses owners and or executives who embrace Leadership and Management Through the Lens of Profit for Purpose

  • Get the best jobs with the highest average starting salaries



Residents of Marginalized Community Segments to:

  • Participate in and personally benefit from contributing to the creation of a sustainable community

  • Access the knowledge, information, contacts, tools, and capital required to turn their own impact focused innovations into for-profit, thriving entities purposed to help solve the socioeconomic and environmental problems they face

  • Not only have a voice or seat at the table, but to become an integral and important part of the table

  • Embed themselves in and contribute to the attainment of the SDGs

  • Increase economic vibrancy in a manner which helps eradicate poverty and its multitude effects

Not - for - Profits to:

  • Increase:

- Donations & human asset support

- Outcomes and impact

- Collaborate better

- Awareness

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