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  • Emily Williams

Innovate To Graduate

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

We don't know about you, but for us we feel it is a disgrace that our state ranks 44th in education! Rather than just talking about it, we (as usual) are doing something about it.

In Place Impact is thrilled to be working with Jenny Whittle who has used our award winning ImpactX syllabus to create the most remarkable syllabus for students in grades 3 through 12.

#Innovate to #Graduate teaches students how to become economically independent by learning the soft and hard skills required to become Impact Entrepreneurs or Intrapreneurs.

Innovate to Graduate is unique. Starting in 3rd grade, students learn the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and why it is so important that their own communities work hard to attain them. As they progress through school, they will design for-profit innovations purposed to help their community succeed. In doing so, they attain the knowledge, skills, contacts, and information required to become valuable assets to themselves, future potential employers, and their communities.

By 10th grade, they are ready to launch their innovations in their communities and to scale them.

The program integrates core learning mandates in Science, Math, and English.

·It makes students aware of their surroundings and the socioeconomic problems their communities face. It teaches students critical thinking, innovation, problem-solving, negotiation, and presentation and persuasion skills. Students will learn how they can personally benefit from participating in the creation of a sustainable future.Some will launch successful businesses, and all will graduate with the skill sets employers want to see.

We now have ImpactX style classes for 3rd through 12th, universities and colleges, and free classes for all community residents, vets, and residents of prisons.

Contact Jenny at if you are interested in getting this remarkable syllabus in #schools you work with.

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