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Fractional CSR Officers

"Business cannot be successful when the societies around them fail"

From Cost Centers to Profit Drivers

Impact Economics Certified Consultants are the only consultants in the world that can provide organizations with the ability to contract with temporary (outsourced) CSR Officers that are also Certified in Impact Economics. Impact Economics Certified Consultants often fill these roles. 

CSR Officers are becoming incredibly valuable in the effort to deliver the highest and most sustainable corporate profits because they touch every function within an organization resulting in the delivery of the highest:

  • Revenues

  • Profits

  • Brand equities and values

  • Employee and customer/donor retention rates

  • Potential to hire the best and brightest talent

  • Corporate exit values.

Today's most sought after CSR Officers are experts in Impact Leadership and Management. By working with them, you will put your clients at the forefront of their industry.


  • Uncover signature causes

  • Build imperative bridges between every functional department in the company

  • Examine the future of Profit & Loss, and redefine corporate P&L statements

  • Make your clients culture it's brand

  • Build an Impact Culture for your client that will top strategy

  • Become a secret weapon in your clients sales strategies

  • Design and implement Impact Leadership and Cause Marketing strategies

  • Keep your client relevant in today's changing sphere

Many small and mid-sized companies are not in a position ​to afford a full time CSR Officer hence, by contracting with you, they can engage one for as little as one day per month. Rates can start at less than $500 per day.  

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