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Impact Economics
The Future of Business, Capitalism and SustainableCommunities 
Cities, States & Countries

"Impact Economics has been designed to be implemented by cities, states, countries, foundations, and any other entities purposed uphold the SDGs, and to build communities that are economically, socially and environmentally sustainable for ALL residents.


Impact Economics is Place-Based because the most profound Impact occurs when it happens In Place" 

Impact Economics is a self-funding, fully integrated, and fully inclusive economy that through its natural operation starts to increase economic vibrancy within every segment of a community. It is 100% inclusive of all community stakeholders, and drives positive benefits for each one, however, if one segment benefits, they all do.

Impact Economics provides the following community stakeholders with a seat at the "circular economy table":

  • Educational Institutions

  • Students

  • Impact Entrepreneurs

  • Impact Investors

  • Corporations

  • Not-for-profits

  • City, Municipal, State, and National Governments

  • ALL Community Residents

  • ALL Community segments

  • The Environment

Impact Economics uses Inclusive Capitalism to create community-based (in place) economies where:

  • Economic vibrancy is increased in each and every segment of a community

  • Corporations become more profitable

  • People are empowered to create a better quality of life

  • The effects of poverty begin to be eradicated purely through the use of business and economics 

  • Every community resident can participate in and personally benefit from the drive to create a sustainable future

  • Not a single entity is asked to donate anything

  • Capital flow chokepoints are unlocked

  • No segments within the community are demonized 

  • Every community segment has a direct "line of sight" to the others so that misleading narratives can be changed

  • Communities can become economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable for all residents

  • Everything is done In-Place, and the beneficial results remain In-Place

  • Increases in economic vibrancy remain In-Place

  • Local people build their own companies to help every stakeholder within their communities

  • Success is politically agnostic, and it is not left to happenchance that all stakeholders and every socioeconomic segment of a community benefit

Impact Economics helps communities become economically, socially and environmentally sustainable for ALL of its residents.