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The pandemic has made it abundantly clear that countries, cities, and communities must become more resilient if they wish to be sustainable.


In Place Impact uses its unique and proprietary Impact Economics model to help governments make their communities economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable for ALL residents.That includes their own organizations. 

Sustainability requires resiliency, resiliency requires equity, equity requires inclusion, inclusion requires access. 

Impact Economics Certified Consultants are the only professionals in the world who can use Impact Economics to help governments create communities that are economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable for all of their residents. In doing so, Impact Economics Consultants work with national, regional, and local governments to:

  • Increase economic vibrancy within every segment of their community 

  • Embrace, implement, and manage decentralized decision making

  • Leverage inclusion to create equity, leverage equity to create resiliency, and leverage resiliency to attain sustainability

  • Increase employee retention rates

  • Enhance relationships with all sectors, segments, and stakeholders within their communities

  • Realistically start attaining the SDGs

  • Increase fiscal responsibility 

  • Implement and embrace bi-partisan projects and leadership

  • Start eradicating the effects of low economic vibrancy in marginalized community segments

Impact Economics Certified Consultants are the only professionals in the world licensed to use In Place Impact's Government Impact Index, and Corporate Impact Index. Impact Economics is inclusive of every segment, sector, or stakeholder within a community, and each one is brought into the community-centric economic model in a manner where it enjoys immediate positive benefit, and when one one benefits, all others benefit. 

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