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Lawrence Bloom

Lawrence Bloom
Lawrence Bloom
"We are in the middle of an intelligent test for humanity. The prize for success is beyond our wildest dreams, but the penalty for failure is beyond our worst nightmares"

A Giant of Humanity

In August 2021, humanity lost a giant, and we at In Place Impact lost a dear friend and an ardent supporter. In 2018 Lawrence wrote:

"As the world starts to talk about developing new community based economic systems using inclusive capitalism, In Place Impact has already done it. Furthermore, they have tested their model of Impact Economics for almost a decade, proven that it works, and are giving 8,000 people the opportunity to deploy it in their own communities"​

Moving forward, the Williams family has chosen to dedicate Impact Economics to Lawrence Bloom. Every certified consultant will learn about Lawrence, his work, and his legacy, and they will take their new found knowledge back to their own communities where it will be embraced and implemented. This is the part we will play in ensuring that his work will continue to spread, and that it helps humanity in the manner it was designed. 

Lawrence was most recently Secretary General of the Be Earth Foundation, a UN Inter Governmental Organization which advises, assists and enables in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals on behalf those Countries with which it has Treaties.

He was a Co Founder of Dakia Global LLC, the ultimate holding company of a JV with the the Universal Music Group which together are creating and building music themed hotels, districts and cities. He also forming, on behalf of the Company, an emerging global think tank called the Dakia Scholars.

Lawrence was Chair of Be Energy a green energy company specializing in the conversion of waste and plantation timber to a post fossil fuel green diesel.

He was voted into the top 100 list of the worlds most inspiring people for the year 2019 by Ooom Magazine, and in 2017 was voted by SALT magazine as among the top 25 most Conscious Global Leaders. In 2016 Lawrence received an award at the UN from the Humanitarian Innovation Forum for Conscious Leadership.

Lawrence was appointed the first Chairman of the World Economic Forum, Global Agenda Council on Urban Management and was an alumna of all Agenda Councils. He was a former Chairman of the UN Environmental Programme, Green Economy Initiative, Green Cities, Buildings and Transport Council, and also served as an active a member of the Corporate Responsibility Advisory Group of the ICEAW.

Lawrence enjoyed a long and distinguished career in the property industry. Among a number of senior positions, he sat on the Executive Committee of the Intercontinental Hotel Group from where he managed their $ real estate portfolio. Whilst there he worked on the creation of an hotel environmental manual, which was subsequently adopted by HRH Prince Charles, and is currently in use in 5 million hotel bedrooms worldwide. The most famous part of the manual which only took up three paragraphs in three volumes gave guests the option of not having their towels washed every night.

His passion was always to support what is breaking through that which is breaking down, in the current system. He considered that his actions would enable the emergence of a societal model and a society, whose understanding around the interconnectedness of all things would harmonize conscious economics, social wellbeing and environmental responsibility into a healthy, thriving and abundant culture.

He assisted David Gershon in the creation of Global Action Plan. This initiative is designed to impact personal lifestyle choices around sustainable consumption. It is currently very successful in 23 countries and last year was chosen by Sky TV to be their Charity partner of the year.

Lawrence was the former Chairman of the UN Environmental Programme, Green Economy Initiative, Green Cities, Buildings and Transport Council.

He was Vice Chair of Climate Prosperity Strategies which is an initiative of Global Urban Development created to demonstrate the economic benefits of creating a sustainable society. He was a Member of the Jury of the Globe Award for Sustainable Cities, held annually in Stockholm, Sweden.

Lawrence was also  a member of the Corporate Responsibility Advisory Group of the ICEAW, a member of HRH Accounting for Sustainability Group, and he sat as an Advisor to Hazel Henderson's Ethical Markets.


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