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Impact Entrepreneurship
"Every person should at least have the opportunity to participate in and personally benefit from the creation of a sustainable future" 

Impact Entrepreneurship

Almost 6 years ago Stuart Williams started embedding Impact Studies at the School of Business, the College of Charleston. Using "Consequential learning" methods, Stuart designed the 6-credit, award-winning ImpactX class that has become the number one student class at the school.

In the class, successful student applicants self select into teams based upon a shared passion and purpose for one or more of the United Nations SDG's, and spend an entire semester building out a for-profit innovation to help the greater Charleston area uphold the SDG/s they selected. The innovations that come out of the class are real and profound. 

The class is one segment of In Place Impact's "Impact Economics" model, designed to help communities become economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable for ALL residents. Every stakeholder in a community plus all community segments are represented in the new form of the circular Impact economy. 

To ensure that Impact Economics is 100% inclusive, Stuart replicated the student class (6 credits at CofC = $13,000 in tuition fees) and launched Charleston's only free Impact Entrepreneurship class. Now in its 5th year, this 12-week program (1.5 hours per week on Wednesday nights), has tutored over 600 people. The demographics are:

  • 70% women

  • 60% minority

  • 50% live in the most marginalized segments of our community


 This is when you realize that many of the people living the problems are the ones with the solutions, and, just as with the student class, the innovations that come out of the community class are real and profound. 

The class is run 3 times each year and today is limited to 30 people per class. It is 100% free, but there is an investment and that is your time, energy and passion. There is homework and Stuart will challenge you to be the best you can be. 

In addition to the class, graduates can apply to enter In Place Impact's free Impact Incubator and to present at Impact Day Charleston.


The friendships and collaborations that have come out of the class have been incredible, none any more so than the forming (by a group of participants) of the Charleston Goose Jockeys

Impact Entrepreneurship is becoming a globally adopted method of choice to fix the social and environmental problems we face. Your own city of Charleston is becoming a global exemplar of Impact Entrepreneurship and is the world's leading city for Impact Economics.


If you would like to attend the next class, (commencing Wed. February 5th, 2020), please simply fill out the registration form below. We look forward to helping you achieve your Impact focused dream.


Note: The class is held in the ImpactX Classroom, The School of Business, The College of Charleston, 5 Liberty Street, Charleston, SC. It runs from 7 - 8:30pm.  Just bring your passion, purpose, paper and a pen!