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$600 Billion - Just Imagine the Impact

How far would $600 Billion go to fight some of the poverty problems we have in the world. Imagine if that amount was invested in social enterprise and /or impact entrepreneurs.

$600B is 2.5% of the market cap of the top 100 companies in the world (

At In Place Impact everyone signs a declaration to uphold the tenets we believe in. One of those tenets is that 2.5% of the available equity in any of our Impact Incubator companies is donated to a charitable trust purposed to reinvest capital from liquidity events back into community based impact innovations. 

$600 Billion and all it takes is  for each innovator to basically take a 2.5% reduction in their equity holdings.

Maybe I am wrong, but when equity is worth zero, or if an entrepreneur becomes worth $80 Billion, I am not sure they would miss 2.5%. 

We urge all Impact Entrepreneurs to think through this, there is really not much to lose, but a great deal to gain. 

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