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The Audacity to Believe We Can Change the World

My entire life I have been told I am mad. I was told I would never play high level tennis or rugby seeing out of one eye - did it. I was told I could not possibly build a global conference company - did it. I was told that the "Making A Profit While Making a Difference" platform that I co-created in 1993 would never take off, seems to me that Profit and Purpose is here to stay.

At In Place Impact we believe we can change the world, and we have just started doing it.

After almost 12 years of researching, designing and testing our Impact Economics and Inclusive Capitalism programs, they are now being adopted by communities around the world. People are embedding our models that use business and economics to help eradicate poverty. In doing so, people are able to start their own businesses where they can truly make a profit while making a difference.

In America alone, over the next 5 years we believe:

  • Over 1600 people will become certified in Impact Economics and will have started their own businesses, in their own communities. 50% of them will become certified via a full scholarship from in Place Impact.

  • Each certified consultant will:

- Help a university or college of their choice embed Impact Studies programs that include classes on Impact Entrepreneurship, Impact Investing, Impact Management, Impact Measurement, Cause Marketing, and Integrated Reporting.

- Teach a free Impact Entrepreneurship class within their community

- Start and run a free Impact Incubator within their community

- Help myriads of businesses in their communities embrace Impact Leadership and Management strategies

- Work with their local government to enhance economic development

  • As a collaborative network, we believe In Place Impact's Impact Economics Certified Consultants will be the catalyst for:

- Almost $1Billion of annual donations to colleges and universities specifically to expand Impact Studies for their students and their community residents.

- Over $300 Million of annual donations into local DAFs which are to be specifically used to help fund Impact Innovations coming out of the university and community classes.

- Over 1 million people each year taking Impact Entrepreneurship classes

- Hundreds of for - profit Impact innovations being launched and coming to market

- Hundreds of thousands of businesses embracing leadership and management strategies based upon profit and purpose

- Greater percentages of businesses and people taking better care of their natural environments

- Helping residents living in marginalized segments of their communities to increase their own economic vibrancy and velocity of capital, thereby helping to eradicate poverty

- Democratizing, disrupting, and dis-intermediating the global consulting industry

This initiative has been working in Charleston, SC for the past 5 years. It has been adopted by the City, The College of Charleston, business and community leaders, and residents and students. It is already being adopted in West Virginia, Nebraska, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, and Liberia and we are just getting started.

Yes, we have the audacity to believe we can change the world, if you do too, come and join us.

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